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The growing operation of this organization is separated into two entities, conventional and organic; we did this to provide separation. Chin Farms owns 1,400 acres of land and rents 3,500 acres in Oregon and California. Chin Farms grows about 2,400 acres of conventional potatoes, wheat, alfalfa hay, and dehydrated onions. Chin Family Farms Organic, LLC grows about 2,500 acres of organic potatoes, wheat, and alfalfa hay. We take pride in producing the best quality ag products around and work to insure it is the safest food source you can buy. All organic products are certified by Oregon Tilth.

With sandy loam soils on the Oregon side and highly organic peat soils on the California side, we can produce crops to maximize their potential. The high desert climate of the Klamath Basin is the best for growing high quality, great tasting potatoes. In 2012 we entered six different varieties of potatoes into a judging contest for Terrior (French term-From the Soil) Sponsored by the Oregon Potato Commission. These varieties are judged by 6 Chefs from the Culinary Society of America chapter in Portland, Oregon, for taste, texture, appearance, and aroma. Chin Farms won two categories, one for Specialty Potatoes and one for Red Potatoes. In 2013 we submitted 7 different varieties to the same type of program and won two of the four category. This shows that soil, air, water, and environment make a difference in flavor and appearance of a potato.

The Klamath Basin has a annual rainfall of less than 10" and the potential for frost every month of the year. Given this we use overhead irrigation systems to keep plants healthy throughout the growing season. Using soil monitors and field experience to apply the correct amounts of water the potato plants need and protect them from the frosts Mother Nature sends our way. Using the high technology of today, we map fields and make rows with Global Position Systems (GPS) on our tractors. With organic production we have learned improved soil health is key to producing quality potatoes, this takes time and planning over several years. Utilizing crop rotations and soil sampling we can apply just what the potato plant needs for healthy production.

Our production team includes Farm Manager Travis Lamb, who has been working for us since he could drive a tractor and organizes the farm crew to get to the right fields to do the work, his right hand man is Juvenal Murillo-Perez and he takes care of the farm crew to make sure the work gets done. We have two maintenance people James and Caleb working on trucks, pickups, and tractors, which keeps them busy full time. NEW to this year will be Dave Noel hired as Irrigation Manager to control water in all crops and coordinate irrigation scheduling with our irrigation crew. There is a lot of work that goes into producing a pound of quality potatoes and we have that crew that works hard to get this done.

Producing quality crops is the goal of Chin Farms and anything less is not acceptable. We take pride in every acre we produce and strive to make it better each year. Check out the farm pictures.

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