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Fresh Pac is what we do best; supplying you with the freshest potato you can get right out of our fields or our state of the art storages with air and humidify controlled systems and NEW water flumes. We run potatoes to orders, thus keeping them as fresh as possible. Potatoes go through our pre-wash, washed, and rinse with our Wyma Potato Polisher and come out shiny and clean. Then they are dried and go to the Odenberg Optical Sorter which pre-grades out defects, traveling to the main table were 4 to 6 people grade out defects. Exact sizing machines drop potatoes in right places starting with Marbles, C Size, B Size, A Size, and finally Baker Size. Our grading and sizing lines look at the potato 3 to 4 times before it goes into a package insuring you get a quality potato.

Then potatoes go to the package of customer choice, from 1.5# paper or poly bag to 2000# tote bags. Our packaging machines are state of the art in weighing and can make up many different types of bags-- poly, poly-mesh, paper, self made bags, and boxes. If your company needs a special package, let us know and we will try to make them work for your needs.

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