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Wong Potatoes, Inc. is a family owned business, which has been growing packing, and shipping high quality potatoes in the United States since 1930. We currently ship our potatoes throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Pacific Rim Countries. Owners are Dee Dee and Daniel Chin, third generation potato farmers in the Klamath Basin. The Klamath Basin is ideal for growing high quality potatoes, because of its high elevation (4100 ft) and short growing season (115 days). With limited pest pressures we can grow organic crops with very limited control measures. Organically we raise 16 different varieties of red, yellow, russet, purple, white, and fingerling types of potatoes. We also raise some conventional potatoes in red, yellow, and purple types for export and domestic uses. We have a well established customer base, some that we have been serving over eighty years. Our season starts in September with fresh harvested potatoes right out of the field and package to local retail stores in your area. We harvest throughout October and stored in state of the art storage facilities (air and humidity controlled) to the end of May each year.

Our company starts with a great staff, meet them. Keeping our employees and bills paid on time is a full time job and Judy Rutledge does a great job for us for over 25 years. With billings going out and receivables coming in we rely on Pam Thomas to take care of those. Our sales manager Chris Ratliff retired after 10 great years of running our program, but we found Ken Rutledge (Judy's son) and changed his occupation from Private Investigator to Selling potatoes for us. Ken has done a great job adjusting to the tough job of keeping everyone happy with potatoes and prices. Juan Mendez has been the shed foreman at this facility for over 45 years keeping it running in tip top shape. Heather Stacey is our HR person and does a great job of keeping our 50 employees (increasing to 100 for harvest) in line with all the paper work; she also runs our food safety program. New position to our staff this year is Kristy Miles our Quality Control Person, she tracks potatoes from the field to make sure we get quality potatoes , then checks packages to insure that same quality goes into each package. We have 45 dedicated people loading, washing, grading, packaging, and shipping potatoes for us and they do a great job. Thank You to all our employees.

Food Safety is our number one priority and we have in place a good Ag practice/ good handling practice programs to insure you have the safest potatoes in the world in a Wong Potato or Klamath Basin Fresh Organic package. We have certificates issued by Oregon Department of Agriculture for GAP, GHP, and Primus GFS. These programs insure we monitor each field and track that potato from field to your table, with strict sanitary conditions of our employees, to a pre-wash, wash, and rinse washing. We have an optic grader that helps us size and grade our potatoes so you get the very best that we grow. We certify our farm and packing facilities through Oregon Tilth for all our Organic production and verify our Organic California ground through California Department of Ag. We us the latest technology in processing our potatoes, and trained employees to insure you are getting a safe and quality potato from us.

Thank you for your interest in potatoes from the USA, and ask for the Wong Potato.

You have not tasted the Right Potato, until you have tasted the Wong Potato.

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